Living Word Academy

Living Word Academy

Living Word Academy was founded in 1983 to provide families an environment and a curriculum suitable for the education of their children. Since its inception, Living Word Academy has provided an educational program with biblical teaching and academic excellence for children and young people from Kindergarten through 12th Grade. In 2006, the Academy shifted its emphasis to the Pre-School and Kindergarten program due to the successful growth of the Daycare and After School program.

Today, LWA offers an educational program that meets the needs of Pre-School and Kindergarten students with an integrated Daycare and After School program. Living Word Academy currently provides an environment conducive for academic learning and the building of Christian character for levels K3 through K4.

The school term is held each year from August to May.


Living Word Academy is committed to developing Christian values in children, while providing a safe and caring environment that is conducive for learning.


Mrs. Janice Sullivan – School Administrator
Mrs. Amanda Powell – K4 Instructor
Mrs. Kayla Pugh – K3 Instructor
Mrs. Tina Holcomb – Accounting

If you are interested in learning more about Living Word Academy, you can call our office at 251-633-0033 to schedule an appointment, request a packet and to tour our facilities. You can also click on the links below for additional information.